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Insurance and Probate

Insurance and Probate | Grand Auctions

Specialist Insurance

Grand Auctions offers a specialist insurance and probate valuation service throughout Kent, London and surrounding areas.

Personal appointments can be made to discuss your valuation requirements - please contact us for more information.

Detailed, descriptive document

Losing an expensive or sentimental possession is something most people would rather not think about. But if it does happen, it is your responsibility to convince an insurance company to pay out for a replacement at the correct value. And that’s not always easy. We provide you with a detailed, descriptive document, including high resolution images of your articles and clear, easy to understand valuations.

All types of valuation covered

Grand Auctions can also provide valuations for probate purposes where values are needed by legal representatives winding up the estate of the deceased; for private sales where a value reasonable to both buyer and seller is required; and for divorce and family division where the value of assets is requested for the consideration of a court.

To read a valuation case study that explains exactly what is involved, please read our blog. Or contact us for more information.