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Viewing times are clearly stated for each auction. All are welcome to view the sale prior to auction.


Clients are able to bid for lots in a number of ways – by telephone bid, commission bid and online with The Saleroom website:

At the auction: clients must register before the auction starts and obtain a bidding ‘paddle’.
Telephone Bids: clients must register their intention to bid on the phone before the auction starts. They will be requested to give their credit card details before a phone bid is accepted if they are unknown to Grand Auctions.
Commission Bids: clients are requested to leave their bids with the office before the sale commences either in writing or by fax or phone. Clients will be asked to give their credit card details before commission bids are accepted, if they are unknown to Grand Auctions.
Online Bidding: clients must register with The Saleroom before they are able to bid online. Clients who bid online with The Saleroom pay an extra 6% inclusive of VAT, which is a charge made by The Saleroom and paid in its entirety to The Saleroom. Further details can be obtained from Grand Auctions.

See full details in Terms

Buyer’s Commission

The commission on items bought is 20% plus VAT on that commission. There is normally no VAT on the hammer price. See full details in TERMS for occasions where VAT is chargeable at the full current rate for VAT on hammer price, if the items being sold are from a company or originating from a country outside the EU. On occasions VAT is currently charged at 5% on hammer price where goods have been imported at preferential rates. Such items have ** or * by them in the catalogue.

Any item with AR after the title in the catalogue may be liable to a surcharge of 4% for a royalty payment for all works of art that have been produced by living artists. This payment is only calculated on qualifying works of art, which are sold for a hammer price more than the UK sterling equivalent of EURO 1,000 – the UK sterling equivalent will fluctuate in line with prevailing exchange rates. See Terms for full details. The Grand Auctions does not charge its clients for collecting this sum.


We accept the following four methods of payment:

1) In person at our offices

This can be by cash (up to a value of £3,000) or by pin verified debit card. We do not accept credit cards. You will then be able to take your purchases away with you.

2) Directly into our bank account

Either by bank transfer, or by paying directly into our account via a branch of our bank. Please allow 1 working day following a bank transfer before we release your purchases. In the case of a cash payment or pin verified card payment made directly into our account at a branch, we are able to release your purchases immediately. Please add an £8 charge for International wire transfer payments.

3) Cheque

We only accept cheques drawn on British banks. Please allow 7 working days for the cheque to clear before we release your purchases.

4) Via The Saleroom

All of our auctions are hosted live with The Saleroom. By registering with them you are able to bid live over the internet and pay via their portal using a debit or credit card. To register, visit their website, locate our catalogue by searching under the Auctions tab and then click on the blue Connect to auction button.

For the avoidance of doubt:
We do not accept credit cards.
We do not accept ‘cardholder not present’ transactions.
We do not take card payments over the telephone.
Payment is required within 3 days of the auction date.
Preferred method of payment is by bank transfer.

See full details in Terms

Collection of bought items

Once payments have been cleared with the cashiers, clients are able to collect their purchases on the day or within two working days unless special arrangements have been made with Grand Auctions. Full details can be obtained from the offices of Grand Auctions. At our discretion, Grand Auctions will post small items totally at the buyer's risk for a standard charge of £20. Also at our discretion, some paintings can be posted totally at the buyer's risk for a standard charge of £45. For more information, please contact us. Please note that Grand Auctions does not have the facilities to offer an in-house packing service for larger items. For general items we recommend Mail Boxes Etc in Canterbury, telephone 01227 464161. Mailboxes Etc now provide shipping prices for lots in each sale. You can visit their website here to download prices for the current auction. For paintings we recommend Aardvark Art Services Ltd, telephone 01253 794673. Both are more than capable of handling any enquiries you may have regarding the packing and shipping of your purchases, both nationally and internationally.

Please note that our opening hours for the purpose of collecting items bought at auction are:
Monday - Thursday 10am - 4pm
Friday 10am - 1pm