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The Golden Jubilee Diamond

The Golden Jubilee Diamond is the world’s largest faceted diamond. Until 1985 this title had belonged to the Cullinan I, the Star of Africa, but the discovery of a 755.5 carat piece of rough at the Premier Mine in South Africa was to change this.

Fire rose cushion cut

Weighing in at an astonishing 545.67 carats, the Golden Jubilee is described as a ‘fire rose cushion cut’. The brown rough from which it was cut was at first considered to be rather ugly. So much so that it was given by De Beers to Gabriel Tolkowsky, the diamond cutter, in order to experiment with several new cutting techniques to be perfected before being unleashed on ‘higher grade’ stones.

Yellow brown colour

Battling against the stone’s large surfaces, deep internal cracks and several inclusions, Tolkowsky finally produced a spectacular stone of yellow brown colour. Because De Beers had already chosen the 273.85 carat Centenary Diamond to showcase their centennial celebrations in 1988, the Golden Jubilee remained largely unknown to the wider public.

King Bhumibol Adulyadej

In 1995 De Beers are known to have sold the diamond to a group led by Henry Ho of Thailand. It was subsequently presented to and named by King Bhumibol Adulyadej of Thailand in celebration of his Golden Jubilee. It is currently in the Royal Thai Palace as part of the crown jewels.

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