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Selling Silver at Grand Auctions

Antique silver objects have been seen as a safe haven for savvy investors for a long time, but for many people who have acquired silver objects, knowing how, who to sell to and when to sell can be a difficult decision to make.

Scrap value

If your silver is considered to be worth no more than it's scrap value and you wish to go ahead with this, it is best to be vigilant, keeping a watchful eye on the market, as it is the same as buying or selling anything on the stock market and inevitably there is going to be an element of risk involved. There are many websites which offer competitive prices for scrap. However, it can still be worth putting your silver through an auction house.

Private buyers

In previous decades most auctions have been dominated by trade buyers who then sell on to the general public. However, in recent years there has been an ever increasing level of private buyers wishing to obtain quality silver objects for less than the retail price, which generally means that they will sell for above the value than if otherwise scrapped.

If you would like your items of sterling silver assessed, then contact Robin Newcombe at Grand Auctions in Folkestone for a free valuation.