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Macintyre & Co Florian Ware

During the 19th century, the company James Macintyre & Co. based in Burslem, Staffordshire were a large and influential company manufacturing a wide range of commercial pottery and porcelain. In 1893, the company decided as part of their expansion efforts that they wanted to develop a new and exciting range of ornamental art pottery wares. After a series of short appointments, in 1897 they employed William Moorcroft as their designer. Within a year of working for Macintyre, William Moorcroft became completely in charge of the design and production aspect of the art pottery.

William Moorcroft’s Florian range at Macintyre & Co

In 1898, William Moorcroft launched a whole new and inspiring range of decorative objects for Macintyre named Florian Ware in which he designed both the overall forms as well as the patterns. These distinctive wares with their elegantly flowing tubeline decorated floral patterns represented a transitional stage in the decorative arts world. William Moorcroft was clearly inspired by the likes of William Morris and the Arts and Crafts movement and yet possessed the ability to stylistically blend both the Arts and Crafts style together with the more contemporary Art Nouveau style.

Florian ware patterns

The majority of William Moorcroft’s Florian wares were decorated with florally designed patterns based upon English flowers. These included the cornflower, daffodil, daisy, forget-me-not, iris, narcissi, rose and violet patterns.  Other notable Florian ware patterns were the butterfly, fish, peacock patterns as well as the initial landscape pattern designs introduced in 1902.

Florian ware marks

Florian wares are marked with printed backstamps up until 1905 and are usually signed or initialled by William Moorcroft. However, some variations of the backstamp can be found on the rare butterfly pattern wares and also the Hesparian Wares made for Osier’s.

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