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Jaeger-LeCoultre Atmos clocks

The Atmos clock is a mechanical clock invented by Jean-Léon Reutter in 1928, and then perfected and manufactured by the Swiss clock and watch manufacturer, Jaeger-LeCoultre. Uniquely, it is powered by minute changes in temperature and atmospheric pressure, meaning that it can operate without the need for regular winding.

Very low energy requirements

It works by way of a hermetically sealed capsule containing a mixture of gas and liquid which expands as the temperature rises and contracts as it falls. The capsule then moves like a concertina which winds the main spring. A variation of only one degree in temperature is sufficient for approximately two days’ operation. Functioning at such low energy levels means that the Atmos must be as smooth and quiet as possible. 60 million of the clocks put together consume less energy than a single 15 watt light bulb!

Remember to service every 600 years!

Another benefit of the clock is that the balance oscillates 150 times slower than a pendulum swings in a conventional clock. This means that it only requires servicing every 600 years! This, combined with the fact that each clock undergoes five weeks of trial and adjustment after manufacture, means that they are exceptionally reliable.

Grand Auctions has two Atmos clocks for sale in their 5th March auction. Click here and here for more information, or contact Simon Rufus, clock and watch specialist.