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Charles Newington – Visionary Artist

Grand Auctions is delighted to offer for sale the studio of Charles Newington, one of Britain’s most original artists. Charles is best known in the Folkestone area for his White Horse on the Hill, a much loved local landmark and now the logo for Shepway District Council.

Work with leading artists

From student days to the present, Charles has always felt himself the outsider following his own path and ignoring popular trends. He spent a number of dedicated years to working with leading artists, such as Patrick Procktor, as their master printer technician. These were the years he acquired all the skills to develop his career in printing, painting and creating monumental monsters. Like his hero William Blake, he feels that he has developed an original inventiveness in creating new techniques.

William Daniell coastal scenes

Charles’s world has changed dramatically in the last few years. He was chosen by the Coast TV programmers to be the reincarnation of William Daniell painting today one of the coastal scenes so wonderfully depicted by Daniell in the early nineteenth century. He has been taken into the fold of one of London’s most prestigious galleries, Whitford Fine Art, in Duke Street, St. James’s.

Gogamagog sculpture

Plymouth Council has asked him to create a monumental sculpture of Gogmagog taken from the legends of Geoffrey of Monmouth in the twelfth century. He is working with the Royal Geographical Society in its celebration of the epic poem Poly-Olbion, which starts with the story of Gogmagog on Plymouth Hoe. He has also designed two massive colossal sculptures of Gog and Magog for the London Gateway on either side of the Thames estuary in their later role as guardians of London.

Oringinal and visionary work

The visionary artists William Blake, Richard Dadd and Samuel Palmer are the inspiration for Charles. Imagination, original ideas and superb draftsmanship are the key to his work. His paintings are complex and deep, but most rewarding to study. It is so rare to come across the work of an artist with original and visionary ideas.

Why is he holding a studio sale?

The huge projects underway are a massive drain on Charles’s resources. He hopes the sale will keep the projects going and enable collectors to buy his paintings at a heavily discounted price.

For further details, please contact Jonathan Riley, paintings specialist at Grand Auctions, Folkestone, Kent.