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Bratby Again

We had a very successful sale of Bratby memorabilia raising over £6,700 for Patti to help with care home fees. So many thanks to all the Bratby fans who bought so generously.

In our next sale on 17 July, there will be a few extra items that were not included. There is a letter from Roald Dhal tactfully explaining why he could not sit for a portrait. He clearly does not want anything to do with it, but beautifully explains why he cannot sit now, but could do on another day.

He drew some charming depictions of rabbits in a small note book, all are in good condition. There are a large number of catalogues for Bratby’s exhibitions divided into two lots, one containing single copies of different exhibitions, the other a collection of assorted catalogues with repeats. The only colour images are two designs for ties from the sixties, all good fun. Alas that will be it, there is no more.

If you have any paintings you would like to have valued, please contact Jonathan Riley of Grand Auctions, Folkestone, Kent.