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Battle of Britain Paintings

Anyone interested in the aeroplanes of the Battle of Britain should come to Grand Auctions, where there are several paintings of the most famous planes coming up for sale. There is a large and very impressive painting of the iconic Lancaster bomber, which even had a success in the recent past. During the Test Match between England and Australia at Lords, there was a flight of a Lancaster and two Spitfires over the ground. All the crowd stood up and cheered and play stopped. Andrew Strauss, who was batting very well at the time was soon out after play resumed, he blamed the Lancaster for his loss of concentration!

Barrie Cook

There are paintings of The Spitfire 14, Tiger Moths, The Harvard and the Sutherland flying boat. The artist, Barrie Cook, lives not far from Folkestone and is known for his superb draughtmanship and composition. Recently a painting by Barrie of a Spitfire was sold in a London auction room for over £5,000.The auction will be held at the Tower Theatre, Folkestone on 23rd May at 6 pm.

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For viewing and further information, please contact Jonathan Riley, paintings specialist at Grand Auctions, Folkestone, Kent.